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Physical Rehabilitation

Access Rehab and Wellness Center, LLC: Physical Rehabilitation

Physical rehabilitation helps restore mobility in joints and muscles, ligaments, and nerves. Patients use physical rehabilitation as a means to rebuild their strength after they've broken bones or hurt themselves in a way that keeps them from being mobile.

The goal is to improve a person's independence. Physical rehabilitation is a gradual process that's about re-learning skills. A patient may also learn alternative ways of moving or doing tasks. Serious injuries need acute care first with a physician and then a physical therapist appointment.

At Access Rehab and Wellness Center, we provide the highest personalized quality care to get you back to moving around as quickly as possible. We offer physical therapy and wellness programs for neurological conditions, post-orthopedic surgery, and muscular pain syndromes.

You'll also find help for balance disorders and post-amputation management. Our highly skilled and trained professionals use evidence-based protocols to deliver a holistic approach to rehabilitation and wellness.

Access Rehab and Wellness Center, LLC: Medicare Physical Rehab Patients

Medicare physical rehab patients can get help to pay for expenses through Medicare Part B. The coverage pays for Medicare physical rehab patients to get outpatient physical therapy. Your general practitioner, family doctor, or other health care provider may also recommend services that Medicare doesn't cover.

Medicare could cover inpatient rehabilitation for Medicare physical rehab patients, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech-language pathology. Medicare covers a semi-private room, meals, nursing services, medication, and other medical supplies.

However, it doesn't cover a private nurse or a private room unless it's medically necessary. Additionally, your provider must certify that you have a medical condition requiring rehabilitation, continued medical supervision, and coordinated care.

Access Rehab and Wellness Center, LLC provides services for physical rehab patients. Please get in touch online, via email, or give us a call to learn more about our full-service Rehabilitation Clinic.

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