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Pain Management And Relief

Access Rehab and Wellness Center, LLC: Pain Management and Relief

Many people seek pain management and relief through medication alone. However, physical therapy is an effective way to manage pain and get long-term relief. That's because physical therapy helps restore mobility and rebuilds strength in bones, muscles, and ligaments.

Pain management and relief is a process that can include a combination of medication and physical therapy. At Access Rehab and Wellness Center, we offer physical therapy and wellness programs for post-orthopedic surgery, muscular pain syndromes, and neurological conditions.

Our medical professionals work with your primary care physician and use evidence-based protocols to provide holistic pain management and relief. We use physical therapy techniques including heat, cold, massage, and muscle manipulation to condition muscles, restore strength, and control pain.

Are you searching for pain management and relief? You can find a sustainable way to feel better at Access Rehab and Wellness Center. Reach out for a pain management and relief consultation today.

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